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Guild News

Free Mats!

redraider922, Jul 24, 11 6:04 PM.
Just a quick message for the kin...i'm keeping Profession materials and recipes in the chests of my personal house.  Feel free to stop by and pick up anything you need for your profession.   If it's not there, check back later, because i'm putting new stuff in once or twice a day.   The address to my house is 2 Long Street, Shotwell, Breeland Homesteads.  It's the first house on the right when you come through the gate.


More Changes

Google!, Jul 11, 11 10:52 AM.
Ok guys. In addition to the interactive map which now has its own tab, Ive made some changes to the resources section. There is now an entire section for crafting guides. You can look up the skill level for any given craft profession and see all the recipes available and in most cases see where they can be obtained. Also, there is an Epic Quest Guide showing every volume and book quest including where to get the quest and how to complete each. I hope these changes give everyone a helpful resource and they help you all advance quickly.


New Additions

Google!, Jul 5, 11 3:45 PM.
Howdy all, Ive folded the Mail and Forum pages together to make one communications page. There is now an interactive, searchable map that includes: mobs, bosses, quest bestowers and quest items/objects.


Page update and Redesign!

Google!, Apr 18, 11 12:54 PM.
Hey everyone, Kib here. Check out the new page layout. I have done some cleaning of the page's feel and better organized information. There are Class guides in the Library section and an interactive calendar for GB, GA and Skirm. Just use the shout box to make requests for raid days.
                                                                                                                                        ~Thanks all.

raids and stuff

demontp, Apr 4, 11 1:07 PM.
ok we are going to get raids and cd and other stuff going to happen soon so if any one wants to join they can sign up for it ok thxs tom
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